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Project Flow

  • At vERP, we use a web development and software development process that is fully documented and constantly improved. It is based on best practices and industry standards like Rational Unified Process, Oracle PJM, ISO 9001:2000 and CMM certificate standards. This process enables us to successfully develop projects within your budget and time frames without compromising our traditional top quality. A typical software development project has several phases, with the key ones being.

Requirement Analysis

  • Project start and initial requirements collection. Takes 5-10% of the project time.


  • Requirements collection and analysis, planning, creation of design and architecture of the system take place in this phase. Takes 20-30% of the time.


  • The biggest part, where most of the coding, development, and testing are performed. Takes 50-70% of time.


  • Delivery of work results to the customer and the product installation. Takes about 10% of time. These four stages are an integral part of any project. But then, depending on the complexity of a project, its budget and customer goals, a project may or may not contain some parts, like user documentation preparation, extended technical documentation development, extra testing, etc.