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Servicing Module in ERP


The activities of service order control sub module is best illustrated by the following diagram :


Features of Servicing module

Machine Receive

  • Reference details like call entry.
  • Customer Care/Customer.
  • Servicing DESCRIPTION.

Employee wise Reconditioning

Employee Details

Excel image to convert the Employee wise Reconditioning details into MS Excel

  • Reconditioning Status.
  • Reconditioned Unreconditioned.
  • Machine wise Status.
  • Reconditioning Report.
  • Reporting.

Machine Delivery Status

Job Details Report

  • From Date and To Date.
  • Job Report No and Outlet.
  • Customer and Employee.
  • Machine and Spare Details.
  • Excel image to convert the Job Details Report into MS Excel.

Assignment Employee

Issue the spare from inventory for servicing the issue


  • Call entry details.
  • All the details will be automatically populated from spare issue.
  • particulars of spares.


  • Put on Challan No and Challan Date.
  • ACustomer Code.
  • All the related data will be auto populated.
  • machine details entry.
  • complete entering machine details.

Courier Name and Remarks for dispatch

Job Report

  • Routine Maintenance/on Call.
  • Details report.
  • Customer Center, Customer Code, Employee Code and Outlet Code.
  • Machine Details from the data grid.
  • Rate as NORMAL or CUSTOMER.
  • Add Spare Details which is necessary to recondition selected machines).
  • Transport Expenses, No of Labour, Labour Rate.
  • Problem found and remarks (optional).

Service Bill

Choose Bill Type as NORMAL or DIRECT


  • Customer Care Center, Customer Code and Billing Customer.
  • Reference No and Bill Date.
  • Courier Name and add courier date.
  • add job report and meter unit details.
  • Add discount, delivery charges, discount to calculate total meter unit costing.
  • Add new rate and quantity, if any.
  • Apply tax/service charges or any discounts if applicable.