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Start Up

Contact starting a project with vERP is fairly simple : just contact us and describe your project, needs and expectations. vERP software architects, IT and business analytics will reach online you within one business day.

Information Input

  • At this stage of your project implementation gathering as much relevant information as possible is crucial. You will not have to provide exact requirements at once, although a formal structured request for proposal speeds the things up considerably. Its important for your project success to lay out your goals and objectives as you are being surveyed by vERP Business and IT analytics, so we can fully meet your needs while creating your project. All your requirements will be carefully gathered and eventually formalized in the form of project documentation.


  • During this essential stage of your project implementation you will appreciate the benefits of vERP business analysis. Done within a very short period of time it'll safeguard your project success.


  • We clearly describe your system business requirements so they are easy for you to study and evaluate. After business requirements have been clarified and agreed upon we prepare and propose the optimal technical solution.Our proposals can vary from a simple estimation of workload and project cost up to a comprehensive suggestion regarding the project architecture, technologies analysis, Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) estimation, design suggestions, etc. Initial estimation of the project is free and is usually developed within a couple of days.


  • To protect your private information or intellectual property, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you deliver us any project-related information.