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Sub Contracting Module in ERP

  • Now a day’s manufacturing companies used to outsource some of the work to do the work quickly and cost effectness and it conclude that a Sub Contracting or outsourcing strategy can provide cost and delivery benefits. vERP Sub Contracting Module is an important module for tracking and monitoring all third party contract work. It is integrated with Inventory, Purchase and Finance, the Sub Contracting module manages the original SubContract as well as all change orders, billing, and payment history.
  • This module can manually or automatically create purchase orders for outside contractors and tracks the work-in-progress. The SubContract module can be used in conjunction with the existing manufacturing and purchasing modules to support use of SubContractors as part of the supply chain.

Features of vERP Sub contracting Modules:

  • Issue a PO for a Service.
  • Receive an Item and Process the Payable as a Service.
  • Set up Inventory for Sub Contractor.
  • Set up SubContract operations as part of the overall product.
  • Enter Supplier and Freight costs.
  • Handle Customer or Vendor Supplied Material through inventory.
  • Return to factory or send to next sub-contractor.
  • Enter the list of materials to be provided to the Sub-Contractor.
  • Multiple SubContract operations within a product definition.
  • Track Work in Process for each operation including material movements and operation status.
  • Purchase orders for the Sub-Contract.
  • Issue item to be shipped to the Sub-Contractor.
  • Stock Management for Sub-Contractor.
  • Process PO’s using the standard procedures to ensure common supply procedures.

Sub-Contracting Module Benefits:

  • Accurately Track Off-Site Inventory.
  • Reduce time to administrate the Sub-Contracts.
  • Material management for Sub-Contractor.
  • Track scrap at your Sub-Contractor.
  • Simple easy to use process requires minimal user training to deploy.
  • Full integration to accounts receivable, vendor receivables, accounts payable and general ledger.